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Entering Sweden

How can i travel to Sweden?

If you want to come by plane, WizzAir offered 100.000 free tickets. One carry-on bag is included. Valid Ukrainian passport is required at booking and check-in. 

If you prefer to travel by ferry, StenaLine offered to help passengers book a free ticket on the first possible departure. Passengers must be able to present a valid Ukrainian passport.

Polferries also helps Ukrainian citizens by offering transport free of charge. For details, please contact their hotline at +48 22 230 2222 or rezerwacje@polferries.pl.

If you prefer to travel to Sweden by bus, Flix Bus offers free rides from the Polish-Ukrainian borders. For more information, please contact their support at +38 044 223 0341 or service@flixbus.com.ua.

Riddermark Bil also offers transfer from Poland to Sweden free of charge. Valid passport is required. For more information please contact them at ukraina@riddermarkbil.se.

If you prefer to travel by train, you can take the Öresund train between Denmark and Sweden free of charge. You will need a valid passport or an ID card.

Passengers with a Ukrainian passport or ID card are exempt from rail ticket charges in Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Belgium, and Denmark. At present, up to eight Eurocity long-distance trains run daily from Poland to Germany, departing from Warsaw, Gdansk, Przemysl, Krakow, and Wroclaw.

If you’re traveling by your own car, you can enter Sweden from Denmark, crossing the Öresund bridge. All passenger cars with Ukrainian number plate from can drive over the Øresund Bridge without paying.

I am in Sweden, what should I do next?

If you have a biometric passport, you can stay in Sweden for 90 days before contacting the Swedish Migration Agency.

Anyone who comes to Sweden from Ukraine can immediately apply for a residence permit. The permit gives you the opportunity to get help with finding housing, the right to work, the right to seek basic care, the right to schooling for children, and certain financial support in Sweden.

This applies to all Ukrainian citizens, long-term residents of Ukraine, or people with protection status in Ukraine.

You can apply for a residence permit at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s centres for National Service.

What am I entitled to if I have a residence permit?

You can get help with housing from the Swedish Migration Agency. This means that you will be offered accommodation at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s housing facilities. You cannot choose where in Sweden you want to live. If you are an unaccompanied minor, you will be assigned to a municipality that arranges housing for you.

If you are over the age of 16, you have the right to work. This is stated on your residence permit card. Present the card when you apply for a job.

You have the right to seek care. Present your residence permit card in your contact with the care provider.

You have the right to receive an allowance. Contact the Swedish Migration Agency to apply for an allowance. If you are an unaccompanied minor, you will get help with what you need from the municipality to which you have been assigned.

Close relatives
Close relatives of persons who have been granted a residence permit, such as spouses and children, are also entitled to such a permit.

Can I apply for asylum in Sweden?

If you need protection, you can apply for asylum. You have the opportunity to apply for asylum even if you have been granted a residence permit under the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive. If you want to apply for asylum, visit one of the offices of the Swedish Migration Agency. The Swedish Migration Agency can help you with housing and financial support while you wait for your asylum decision. You can also choose to find housing on your own.

What happens after I apply for asylum?

After you have handed in your application, an investigator will go through all your documents. They may contact you if you need to make additions to your application.

Can I bring my pet to Sweden?

If you travel with pets, you must notify customs staff and present the documentation that accompanies the animals. Dogs and cats need to be vaccinated and ID-marked. They must have undergone antibody testing and then a waiting period follows.

What rules apply for traveling with a pet in Europe?

Several European states temporarily lifted restrictions on the movements of pets. This is allowing you to bring your pets, and other small animals, with you.

Are there any COVID-19 restrictions?

When entering Sweden from a country outside of EU/EEA, there is still an entry ban in effect until end of March 2022. However, when entering directly from Ukraine, there is an exemption from this ban which applies when applying for asylum.

Vaccination against covid-19 is recommended for everyone older then 12. The vaccination is free of charge and voluntary.

First steps in Sweden

How can I find accommodation?

Swedish Migration Agency
If you applied for a residence permit, you can get help with housing from the Swedish Migration Agency. This means that you will be offered accommodation at one of their housing facilities. You cannot choose where in Sweden you want to live. If you are an unaccompanied minor, you will be assigned to a municipality that arranges housing for you.

Ukrainian refugees in Sweden
There are many volunteers offering accommodation through Facebook groups. You can browse the offers and ask for help here:

Airbnb is funding short term housing for up to 100.000 people fleeing Ukraine.

Host for Ukraine
An initiative by Churchpool offering refugees a safe place to stay. You can search available accommodation on their website conveniently using a map.

I Can Help
The main goal of the I Can Help platform is to assist and facilitate people in need to find a host and also for the host to find those who need solidarity housing.

Shelter for Ukraine
Shelter for Ukraine is an initiative that can help you find a shelter posted by volunteers from all over Europe.

Public transportation

In southern Sweden, refugees from Ukraine do not need a ticket to travel with Skånetrafiken. All refugees with passports or an ID card from Ukraine can travel for free. This applies to buses and trains.

In region Västra Götaland, Västtrafik offers refugees from Ukraine to travel free of charge. You will have to show a Ukrainian passport or ID document to be able travel free of charge on all Västtrafik’s vehicles.

In Stockholm region, you are welcome to use your Ukrainian passport or identity card as a valid ticket when travelling by public transport. Show your passport or identity card to the bus driver.

In region Värmland, Värmlandstrafik offers Ukrainian refugees free travels with Region Värmland’s public transports. This means that anyone who can show a Ukrainian ID or passport can travel free of charge on all of Karlstadbuss and Värmlandstrafik’s busses and trains.

In region Gävleborg, X-trafik offers free of charge travels by public transport to anyone who can show up an Ukrainian passport or ID card. This applies for next three months, to all buses and trains, starting from March.

Once settled

What do I need in order to find a job?

If you applied for a residence permit and you are over the age of 16, you have the right to work. This is stated on your residence permit card. Present the card when you apply for a job.

Where can I find a new job?

You can register to a platform called Jobs for Ukraine, whose mission is to help people affected by the war in Ukraine find a new job in tech or other fields. The service is free of charge.

UA talents is a job platform for displaced persons from and within Ukraine. Companies from all over Europe advertise their job openings to people from Ukraine who have lost their employment due to the war.

Opening a bank account

If you are an asylum seeker with an exception from the requirement for a work permit (AT-UND), you can get a bank account and a card. Before you can become a customer at a bank, the bank needs to check your identity, find out where your money comes from, and how you are going to use their services. Expect to be asked a number of questions during this process.

Can I get medical care?

Everyone who lives in Sweden has a right to health and to receiving urgent medical care when necessary – and this includes you as an asylum seeker. Children and young people under 18 seeking asylum are entitled to the same healthcare and dental care as children resident in Sweden. As an asylum seeker you are also entitled to:

  • childbirth care
  • abortion care
  • advice on contraceptives
  • maternal care
  • care under the Communicable Diseases Act

If you need medical care call 1177, the national hub for information and services within healthcare, and you will be connected to a nurse who can give you advice. If you don’t speak Swedish, you are entitled to be helped by an interpreter when you are seeing a doctor.


All children are entitled to education. The municipality where you live is obliged to offer your children places in the school.

Learning Swedish

Swedish for immigrants – normally known as SFI – is the national free Swedish language course offered to people who lack basic knowledge in Swedish.

Besides the formal SFI course, there are several other alternatives that you can use – often for free – to learn Swedish:

Språkvän & språkcafé
Many municipalities and voluntary organisations are involved in helping newly arrived refugees and immigrants come into contact with Swedes. The names of these activities vary: språkvän (language friend), flyktingguide (refugee guide), fadder (sponsor, coach), mentor or kompis (buddy), språkcafé (language café).

Are there any Ukrainian communities?

Of course! There are several commuties that you can connect with. Below is a list of some of them.

Nordic Ukraine Forum
Nordic Ukraine Forum is an initiative launched to spread expert knowledge and insights about Ukraine in the Nordic countries.

Ukrainians in Lund
The initial purpose of this group was to connect Ukrainians who live in Lund. With time, the group evolved to connect Ukrainians who live in other cities in the south of Skåne who would like to stay in touch with the Ukrainian community.